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About Hotel Ramneek, Kapurthala
Hotel Ramneek offers complete comfort and relaxation. The guests are pampered with spacious rooms with modern decor, delicious food and unmatched services.

» 54 kms. from Amritsar Airport
»  1 kms. from Kapurthala City Railway Station
»  2 km. from City Bus Stand

While at the hotel, the guests have the luxury to nestle in the comfort of any of its 12, peerlessly well appointed rooms. These are divided into 1 Honeymoon Special Room, 3 exquisitely furnished Super Deluxe Rooms, 7 aristocratic Deluxe Rooms and 1 privilege Standard Room. The breathtaking view from each of these rooms is more than enough to calm down the frayed nerves of its guests. The Room Facilities at the Hotel Ramneek include air conditioning, Sound Proof Rooms, Television, Telephone in each room, Mini-bar Refrigerator and Electric Current: 220 v.

About Kapurthala
Named after its founder Nawab Kapur Singh, this capital town of an erstwhile princely state is situated towards the west of Jalandhar City at a distance of 19 kms. It is now the headquarters of the district in Punjab with the same territory. The story of Kapurthala extends back to more than 900 years ago, Mahmood Ghaznavi's time. It is said that a certain Rana Kapur, of the royal Rajpur House of Jaisalmer, a legendary ancestor of the Ahluwalia family, founded the town in that remote age. But it remains the fact that during 700 years of Muslim rule, it was not a prominent place. The limelight of history fell upon it only with the advent of Jassa Singh. The story of Kapurthala is inextricably inter-woven with the life and struggles of Jassa Singh. It was he who evicted Ibrahim Khan, a usurper after the death of Mughal Governor Adina Beg, from Kapurthala. Jassa Singh selected Kapurthala as his capital, although it was only after his death that the town became the fixed capital and place of residence of the Ahluwalia chiefs.

Places of Interest In Kapurthala
»  State Gurdwara
»  The Moorish Mosque
»  Panch Mandir
»  Palace of Maharaja Jagatjit Singh
»  Shalimar Garden
»  Kanjli Wetland




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